3 Telltale Signs It’s Time To Rebrand




A question we get asked a lot by business owners is ‘How often, or when should I rebrand?’.  I wish I could give a simple answer like every 5 years, but honestly, there’s no time interval that works for everyone. Every business is unique and every business experiences growth differently.

The important thing to remember is that rebranding isn’t just about keeping up with the trends. It’s about regrouping and realigning your brand to meet your business where it’s currently at.

A rebrand can be dramatic rebirth, or it can be a subtle transition, either way, it’s a rejuvenating time for a business. It’s an opportunity to dig deeper into who you’ve become as a business and how you wish to be perceived by your audience.

Here are our top 3 telltale signs it’s time for a rebrand: 


01. Your branding is outdated.

If the sight of your logo has you reminiscing on your favorite NSYNC album, it’s probably time to say bye bye bye. Start to research some inspiration for new branding design and you’ll notice that the trends are indeed changing. Pinterest is an excellent place to find inspiration for a rebrand.


02. You didn’t invest in your branding the first time around.

We’re not judging you, in fact, we completely understand that when you’re just starting out, you probably didn’t have two pennies to rub together. If this was you then you probably got your logo cheap and dirty. Maybe you DIY’d it, maybe you had a friend make it, or maybe you bought one from a designer for the cheapest price you could find. Whatever the case was, it’s easy to say you’ve outgrown it. Now that your business has grown, it’s time for your brand to match.

If you’re currently in this early stage of your business with a limited budget, don’t sweat it. Our online shop has some inexpensive logo templates you can use to have your business looking professional, even if you’re currently ballin’ on a budget.


03. Your business has shifted and now your brand doesn’t align.

For example, maybe when you started out you were taking on business that came your way, but now you’re trying to appeal to high end or luxury audience. If your brand still looks unprofessional or DIY’d, you’re not going to attract the right attention. Knowing your target audience is key when it comes to your branding. You need your visual identity to not only express who you are as a business but also draw in those dream customers. I’ll put it this way, there’s a reason that West Elm and IKEA have very different branding.