5 Ways to Brand Your Social Media



When it comes to branding your social media accounts there are 3 very important rules to remember. If you’ve read any of our previous posts, these will sound pretty familiar.

The number one rule is consistency. When scrolling through their feeds, your followers should be able to immediately know that a post is yours without even having to see your name.

The second most important rule is authenticity. If your brand is a true reflection of you, this part should be easy. This will also contribute to brand recognition when your followers come across your post.

The third rule is simplicity. Doing too much is just going to confuse your audience. Take it from us, we figured this out the hard way. Define your purpose and who you are, and make sure that is the focus in the majority of your posts. Just like on your website,


your audience should be able to determine who you are and

what you do within seconds of coming across your profile.

I know we talk about the importance of these three things in every post, but it’s because they really are the ultimate keys to a successful brand. Wrap consistency and authenticity up in a bow with simplicity and whew! You’ll be sittin’ pretty my friend.

Now that we’ve laid the ground rules here’s 5 things to focus on when branding your social media:


  1. The Overall Tone / Vibe

 Your vibe attracts your tribe. I know, ick. I feel a little bit cringy typing that out because it’s become such a cliche, overused, and for lack of a better description, basic phrase. But it’s actually quite true when it comes to branding your social media accounts. Before you can get into the nitty-gritty details you need to think about the big picture. Who is your audience? What problem are you helping them solve? How can you empathize with them? What is their lifestyle like and how can you share your similarities? The overall vibe and lifestyle associated with your account are going to work to attract and connect with your ideal audience. So determine who they are, and make sure you’re posting what they want to see, and what they connect with.



  1. Profile

We recommend if you are the sole employee (or duo like us) of your business, or even if you just have a couple of people you collab with, that you set your profile picture as a nice picture of you. People like to connect with people. Putting a face behind your brand can help you to be more approachable and more real to your audience. However, if you have a bigger team, or are a larger business then your logo would be the best choice for your profile image.



  1. Imagery

Start with defining the tone of your brand. Is it light and airy? Is it playful and humorous? Is it motivational with a touch of witty? Your images should display that feeling.


You don’t have to hire a photographer and come up with tons of unique content right of the bat. Especially if you’re a startup, we understand that is not always in the budget. But if you know the tone and vibe of your feed you can find free stock photos (our favorite place to find these is Unsplash), take photos yourself, or even purchase a pack of affordable and similar style stock photos off of sites like Creative Market OR for you overachievers, a combo of all the above. If you go for the combo just remember rule number 1, consistency. You want your imagery to feel seamless.

* Pro Tip #1 Keep your feed diverse and interesting, but also clear. About every 6 images or so, there should be an image of your product or service. Once again, your audience should know what you are offering immediately after coming across your profile.

* Pro Tip #2  Don’t be afraid to show yourself in your posts. You don’t need to hide behind your product or service. Once again, people like to connect with people. Social network is about actually making connections with people, not just selling to them. Let people get to know you.



  1. Colors

This one is pretty obvious, use your brand colors. You should have a clearly defined color palette for your brand. These will act as the guide for the images that you post. Emphasis on the word guide. I am most definitely not saying that every image you post needs to specifically match your color palette. But the overall undertone of your imagery should reflect your brand’s colors.



  1. Voice

Going back to rule number 1, focus on consistency. Your captions and the copy should sound like how you would actually say them. Also, consider your tone and vibe. Once again are you, light and airy? Motivational? Witty? If you can’t tell what your voice is sounding like, have someone else read through your captions for you.


You can find the best examples by going to the pages of some of your favorite, or successful brands that you follow, and analyze what they’re doing that’s working well. By no means am I saying to copy them. But instead try to determine the strategy behind what they’re doing, and how you can apply that to your own business.