Got questions? Don’t worry, we’ve got answers. 
Are we a good fit?
Our previous clients have enjoyed working with us because of our fresh and clean design style, laid back but professional approach, and quick problem solving. If you appreciate these things than the answer is yes!
What are your payment options?
We typically do a 50% payment plan, meaning half is paid up front and half is paid upon completion. Or a 25% payment option, meaning the payments are broken up into 4 with 25% paid up front.  If you would like to do something else we are happy to work with you to come up with another payment plan option. 
Do you offer photography?
Sadly we don’t 🙁  and we very much appreciate it being done before our project begins. We are happy to refer you to some we know, or help you find one in your area. 
Do you write content or copy for websites?
We prefer our clients to provide content and copy to guarantee accuracy. You know your business better than anyone else so it’s important that copy comes from you, and we are happy to help connect you with a good copywriter if you would like to work with one. 
What programs and platforms do you work on?
We use Adobe Creative Suite for graphics and print design, and for websites, we use WordPress and Squarespace.
Do you offer any post-launch support for websites?
We offer 3 weeks of post-launch website support. Our client portal with tutorial videos is coming soon!
Can we still work together if I’m in a different country?
Absolutely! We love making international connections. 

*Please note the exchange rate. International clients must pay the full U.S. dollar price


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