Our Top 5 Tips For Staying Organized As A Business Owner



As business owners, we know how hard it is to keep track of all the things. There are literally enough things to make your head spin into oblivion. We wanted to jot down for all you other business owners out there, the top 5 things we do to keep ourselves from spiraling out into said oblivion. And take it from us, we’re not big on learning curves, so all of these things are extremely easy to do. In fact, you may already be using or doing some of them. Let’s jump to it, shall we?


01. First things first: a clean workspace

Clear out all your crap. When you work from home, it is so easy to get distracted by what’s around you. I can’t get any work done when my workspace isn’t clean. It doesn’t have to be spotless, (although that would be great, but totally unrealistic) but it should be free of yesterday’s coffee mug or any other miscellaneous things. You’ve probably heard this before but it really does make a difference. If you don’t wanna do a full clear out, at least tidy up and organize what’s on top of the desk. Me, personally, I clear out my one-drawer-desk quite often because I slowly start collecting little things over time. Somehow my receipt from last week’s Target trip ended up in my drawer? Having a clear workspace allows for a clear head, which results in better work! Go ahead and try it, I dare you.


02. Dubsado, our secret weapon.

Before Dubsado, we were a mess. If you aren’t familiar with this amazing software, it’s a CRM that takes care of all of the headaches including, bookkeeping, project management, invoices, etc. I’d like to note that this in no way sponsored. We just love what they’re all about and how easy they make our lives. You can try it out for a free trial and then when you fall in love with it (which you will) get 20% your first month with our code. You’re welcome.


03. All things G suite

If we told you how many Google docs, sheets, calendars we have, you’d probably laugh so we won’t give you an exact number, but you can just take our word for it. We pretty much live on all things G Suite. We use google docs for everything we need to take notes on or write down. Being able to both contribute in real time is some serious magic.

Don’t even get us started on Hangouts. We use this tool every day. We both work from home and live about 45 min away from each other, so we typically don’t meet in person every day. With Hangouts, we can screen share and work together without having to commute anywhere. When the internet isn’t crapping out, hangouts is a game-changer.

04. To do lists

Nothing is better than a good, old-fashioned to-do list. I used to hate when my mom would make lists for us for chores and now I think karma has come back to haunt me because I make them every day for everything. Just ask my boyfriend when he’s not rolling his eyes at all my lists around the house.

In all seriousness, to do lists are the best and cheapest way to organize your tasks. We write our task list in the mornings and plan out how long each task will roughly take so we can plan our day around that. I’ll be honest, I partially love making lists just so I can cross things off. I know I’m not the only one who loves that feeling. I didn’t realize how much more organized my time would be each day. If you don’t already make lists, you should start now.


05. Social Media Batch Days

The easiest way to understand batch days is to imagine you have a plate of food that’s organized by category and you eat just one section at a time. Yep, we’re going back to old days when you were a little babe eating your food on your separated plate.

10 months ago, you would have seen us frantically texting back and forth about what to post that day and what caption it should have. We did this way longer than we should have. Now looking back, I see how much time we wasted doing this. There wasn’t really any curating or designing our Instagram feedback then. We had an idea of what we wanted to post and if it needed to be a certain color and what not, but there wasn’t really any planning for it at all.

Now, we plan 1 – 2 weeks ahead, sometimes more. On the day we’re scheduled to do it, we gather all the material we need to plan our posts ahead of time. If we’re reposting images, we add them all into our scheduling app, Planoly. (Another killer app we use.)

The first thing we do is add all of our images. Then we start to put them in order and curate our feed. We can see how everything will look all together, and if there are any images that don’t fit, we say bye-bye. Once we get it to look the way we want, then we start writing in the captions. We usually have an idea of what we want to write or address ahead of time. For example, if we know that we want to post about a blog post we put up this week, we will choose an image accordingly. Once everything is all good to go with the images and captions, we start to schedule these babies. Then, voila! Now we have 2 weeks worth of Instagram posts and don’t have to scramble to post every day.

You guys have no idea how much this changed our lives. This freed up so much time for us that we can now spend doing other things. Work smarter, not harder.

06. Calendars

Ahh, calendars… can you ever really have enough? We sure can’t. But our number one is the trusty Google calendar. I know we already talked about all things G suite, but this one deserves its own spotlight. Once again, we love how you can share a Google calendar and we can each make edits to it in real time. Modern technology is a life saver, am I right? Not that we don’t talk every minute of the day anyway, but being able to know when each other will be out of the office, or when we have meetings with clients, etc. is key to our organization.

The other feature that makes Google calendar our go-to is the ability to have multiple shared calendars. This allows us to make a calendar for each client, and keep track of the deadlines for each project. We look at our calendars to see our overall to do’s and then break that down into daily tasks.