Why Your Logo Isn’t Enough.



Some of you may have a logo that was probably done by your friend, your cousin, or maybe you even made it yourself. It’s probably gotten you far enough that you think, “why do I need anything else? I’m getting by just fine.” Well, I’m gonna be honest. A logo does a great job of getting you recognized. But, that’s really it. It’s just one part of your brand and one part won’t get you very far.


You’re right in thinking your logo is important. It certainly is. It’s the first impression people see when they interact with your brand and allows someone to recognize you. But that’s really it. You could have the best logo ever but if you’re using 23 different colors on all your collateral, talking to your ideal audience all wrong, and using the wrong imagery, then there’s no point. You need a consistent and intentional brand to be successful.


Even if you wish to remain relatively small, people won’t continue to keep coming back and telling all their friends and family about you with just your logo. Your branding is more than you think it is. It’s what images you decide to post on social media, your customer experience, your tone of voice, your packaging materials, etc. Big brands are successful because they think through all of this. They knew how to talk to their people, sell to them, what imagery to use, what their photoshoots needed to look like, what music to use in their commercials, how to style their products, you get where I’m going. Their branding was thought out in all aspects of their business far beyond just their logo.


If this is still kind of confusing, then think of your branding as Thanksgiving dinner or any other holiday that focuses on a whole meal. I’m not a big fan of Thanksgiving (for a few reasons) but I love all the food so let’s just use it as the analogy because it makes sense. Let’s say your logo is the turkey. It’s the main show, yes indeed. But the whole thing? No.

They’re all important and complete the whole experience. You can eat just the turkey all you want but don’t call it Thanksgiving dinner, it’s just turkey. Your branding is what side dishes you have, what you’re drinking, what desserts you have, what kind of napkins you use, what decorations you have (if any), you get the idea. It’s each and every decision you make.


Enough about food, even though we’re all now fantasizing about it now. When you just have a logo, no voice, no imagery,  no nothing, you’ll only be able to grow your businesses so much and you’ll likely get lost in the mix with all your competitors. If you really want to stand out amongst the crowd and elevate your business, invest in your branding. You won’t regret it.


Gobble gobble.